Tracking Effectiveness

Who Reads My Web Page?

It is very important to see that your web page is working. Some group's web page is simply a brief billboard, stating their name, phone number, and describes their services. In most cases, you should add a few of Labnet's powertools to add power to your web page. Here are some tips on how to improve on the effectiveness of your web page.

Advertisers want to know who is reading their ads, and that their advertising dollars are working. Labnet provides several tools for you to measure and track the effectiveness of your web page.

Use A Guestbook

Labnet customers can use the Labnet Guestbook Wizard to implement a guestbook on their web page. This is typically an add-on service with most Internet Service Providers - but not with us!

A guestbook is like answering a "customer comment card". This is where someone who is reading your web page can give you their name/address/etc information. They can ask you to contact them about your service. It is a good idea to offer an incentive for people to fill out the guestbook. Perhaps they can register for a drawing for a prize.

The guestbook is the best way for you to capture customer data from your web page. HTML, the language of web pages, allows you to write forms that can take data as fill-in-the-blank fields, radio buttons, plus other means of input. This is programmed by you, or Labnet can do it as a service.

Keep People Coming Back:

The keyword to a popular web site is CONTENT. To reiterate - CONTENT. In case you missed it, the keyword is CONTENT. Content, Content, Content.

People go to a web page not to read an advertisement, but to learn something. Consider putting information that extends your service on your web page. For example, a doctor might have an article on the importance of child immunizations. The Chocolate Factory could have an article called, A Brief History of Chocolate. Become an authority in your field.

Guerrilla marketing books emphasize the importance of publishing a newsletter to promote your service. Writing an online newsletter is an ideal use for a web page, because it eliminates postage, printing, and goes out to a wider market.

Many busy professionals have started a quarterly newsletter on their web page. Why quarterly? It is important to update your web page so that people will keep coming back and find something new. Three months is a good turn-around for a busy professional who has many important things to do, other then write articles all day.

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